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Waterfront Real Estate | Downtown Condos in St Petersburg

Tampa a real estate is an ever evolving animal. We have such a diverse, yet limited, array of inventory to choose from. For example Old Northeast, Crescent Heights, and Crescent Lake are all neighborhoods characterized by their old style homes. Some have been very nicely renovated while others are in need of serious repair. The streets of Old Northeast are known for their charm and their many brick and grand oak lined streets. The architectural revival style of the homes in Old Northeast also add to the neighborhoods character. While Old Northeast is charming in its own right downtown St. Petersburg real estate is characterized by the towering condos that line Beach Drive and the ancillary streets. The most noteworthy downtown condos are Ovation, Whitney Plaza, 400 Beach Drive, One St. Petersburg, The Sage, Parkshore, and Signature Tower. Much of the real estate in downtown St. Petersburg other than the condos also has some old charm however with the renaissance we have experienced in St. Petersburg real estate over the past decade most of the old buildings have been restored to their original glamour and turned into great restaurants and shops. As you local realtor source for St. Petersburg real estate we are also inclined to tell you about all of the waterfront homes St. Petersburg has to offer in the neighborhoods of Snell Isle, Shore Acres, Brighwaters, Bayshore Drive, and Patrician Point. Waterfront homes in St. Petersburg are in high demand however there is usually a realistic option for a waterfront home for buyers of all income levels. Brightwaters has the most valuable waterfront real estate while Shore Acres has more affordable options. All In all St. Petersburg real estate is like nothing else this country can see. We have something for everyone and at Hartney Realty we will find you the perfect St. Petersburg home. Call or message us today to learn why more and more folks #TrustUsWithYourTransaction!!!