St Petersburg Condos for Sale

St Petersburg Condos for Sale

High rise Condos for sale in St Petersburg FL

The St. Petersburg Condo market is a market in and of its own and we have you covered. The first large scale condo project in St. Petersburg was Bayfront Towers built in 1975. Between then and the late 90s Bayfront Towers for the most part stood alone as the predominant condo feature in the city. However in the late 90s as the tech boom was in full swing the real estate landscape in St. Petersburg quickly began to change. With the introduction of The Cloisters at 288 Beach Drive in 1999 and The Florencia at 100 Beach Drive in 2000 the transformation of Beach Drive into the real estate mecca it is today really began. The completion of The Cloister Tower and The Florencia Tower accelerated the growth of Beach Drive between Central Av and 5th Av N and helped foster it into the burgeoning retail, restaurant, entertainment, park, and condo Bayfront District we have all grown to know and love.

As the real estate boom of the mid 2000s swung into full force the real transition of St. Petersburg from a little known retirement city to an artsy, fun, and enjoyable destination city took its current form. Between 2005 and 2009 5 new and audacious luxury condo towers graced the skies of our beloved St. Petersburg. Parkshore Plaza Condos at 300 Beach Drive was completed in 2006 followed shortly by McNulty Loft Condos completed the same year. 400 Beach Drive Condos at 400 Beach Drive was completed in 2007 along with The Walter Whitney Plaza Condos at 226 5th Av N.

The crown jewel condo development of St. Petersburg as it currently stands is The Ovation at 180 Beach Drive which was completed in 2009. The Ovation’s privacy, luxury, and views are unrivaled to date as far as condos are concerned and its concierge style amenities afford the residents a unique and comfortable lifestyle. The Signature Tower at 175 1st St S was the last of the New Age condos to be completed in late 2009 and is visually in many opinions the most iconic tower of St. Petersburg with its predominant stance and sail like architectural features. St. Petersburg has a plethora of condo options to choose from and within the next 3 years we will see three more iconic buildings rise. The Salvador, designed and inspired by the works or Salvador Dali, will be complete in 2017 and is located at 199 Dali Blvd. These units are selling pre construction quickly so if you would like to see one please reach out to us or check out our blog for photos and renderings! The Bliss at 176 4th Av NE will also be complete in 2017. Residences for The Bliss are also currently being sold pre construction.

oneLast but certainly not least ONE ST. PETERSBURG will soon grace the skies of the city. ONE ST. PETRSBURG will be the most iconic building in St. Petersburg once complete. Located at 200 Central Av ONE ST. PETERSBURG will be located in the heart of the Downtown and Beach Drive Districts. The sprawling development will feature not only high rise condos but a 170+ room hotel and conference center along with an array of Class A retail shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues on the ground level. One St. Petersburg is currently in the pre sale process and we would love to help you pick out and customize your condo.

The St. Petersburg Condo market is all it is hyped up to be. We have access to all of the aforementioned condos for sale pre construction and existing and are well versed in the rules and regulations of each building. We would love to hear from you so we can you show you why more and more people #TrustUsWithYourTransaction!