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Downtown St. Petersburg real estate is continuing to burgeon in part because of the local soccer team The Rowdies recent popularity. The Rowdies play in downtown St. Petersburg right on the water and their presence is helping boost the allure of downtown condo buildings such as The Ovation, 400 Beach, One St. Petersburg, Parkshore, The Whitney Plaza, and others. Anything close to downtown St. Petersburg is also seeing an uptick in demand partly due to the Rowdies such as Crescent Lake, Old Northeast, and Crescent Heights. Real estate in St. Petersburg is really something special. The Tampa Bay Rays also play in downtown St. Petersburg which is awesome for St. Petersburg real estate and realtors. Hartney Realty’s relators are the best in St. Petersburg! We have the local neighborhood knowledge and know the factors that have attributed to the high demand of St. Petersburg real estate. If you are looking for a St. Petersburg realtor look no farther than Hartney Realty. We have pocket listings all over town and know the ins and outs of the local market. Let us be your local real estate expert and we can show you a good time at a Rowdies or 2 Rays game! See why more and more home buyers #TrustUsWithYourTransaction!!!